Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Karma Management

Big Buddah is watching...

And on a completely unrelated note: Why YES, there is a graduate program at clown college. Pictured here is recent graduate Stanley Marshall.

Unfairenheit 9/11

In Slate today Chrostopher Hitchens slams Michael Moore's new movie in an excellent and insightful review..

I have very little respect for Michael Moore. His books are truly sensationalistic and sophmoric and do little to raise the level of political and social discourse from the third-grade level at which both the Democratic and Republican parties have kept it for many many years now.

And in related news, it turns out (of course) that Bush, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and the whole gang beleive that they are above the law and that it is OK to ignore the Geneva Convention and abuse prisoners.

Monday, June 21, 2004

An Aimless Monday

Its Monday. The world has gone back to work, but I'm without an agenda and have no portfolio.. so I'm working on my portfolio. Here's a shot of an offering left for the monks at a Wat in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sunday, June 20, 2004


This house is a few doors up from the one I'm living in right now. She's a beauty!

This flower photo just makes me happy. Good flower... good photo.

Sunday Brunch at Wat Mongholratanaram

Today I'm headed across the Bay to Berkeley for brunch at the Thai Buddhist temple Wat Mongholratanaram.

Yesterday I went to a nice outdoor concert at the Yerba Buena Gardens downtown.

Friday night at The Fillmore with Patty Griffin was tremendous. and my buddy David showed-up in his brand new 2005 model year Subaru Outback.

Yippeeee! My friend Chris hooked-me-up to be an usher at the Warfield Theatre next Thursday for the Carlos Santana concert. Ushing is a pretty easy job and about 3-4 songs into the show they "cut-you-loose" from your post and you are free to enjoy the show.