Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Clogger Summit 2007 - Online Resources for Photoblogging

Clogger Summit 2007

PHOTOBLOGGING: Online Resources from Steve Goodman

Steve Goodman’s presentation on Photoblogging:

The presentation is also embedded in this blog post:

Steve Goodman’s Blogs

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faces around us.
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Asian Photoblogs photoblog of Beijing China
Camereye- Asia Photoblog, Galleries, and Journal Day 117 - Beijing Opera
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Point and Shoot
fotograf by imran 2006 Serenity
Web Asia ring -- Asian Travelogues --
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Cambodia Photo Gallery
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Paul Stewart - World Wide Panorama
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Images of Asia - John McDermott Photography

Blogs about Photography

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Better Digital Photography
Photoblog 2.0 Digital Photographs and Techniques from Harold Davis
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PictureCorrect Photography - Digital Camera Reviews, Tips, and News
Pixel Perfect Digital Photography News, Free Stock Photos, and Useful Resources for Designers
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Digital Photography Composition Tips
gotreadgo fotografie.

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Stock Photography

Stock Photography image of Annual gathering of cambodian buddhist monks photo
Cambodia Stock Images and Photos. 1151 Cambodia photography pictures available to download from over 50 stock photo companies.
Cambodia Stock Photography
Cambodia Stock Image - World of Stock Photos
Stock Photography, Royalty Free Images, Film Footage and More.
Corbis stock photography and digital pictures
The Picture Archive Council of America
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STOCKPHOTO Image Library Database
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Stock photography and stock photos from Alamy Images
royalty free stock photography community
Photo Galleries - Digital Nature Stock Nude Photography Photographers Sites
OnAsia Images - Asian Stock Photos, Assignments and Feature Stories
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Fine Art Photography

PETER FETTERMAN GALLERY 2525 Michigan Ave. #A7 Santa Monica, CA 90404 T.310.453.6463
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Catherine Edelman Gallery
Infinite Editions - Fine Art Digital Printing, Publishing & Sales
Cole Thompson Photography - Classic Images in Black and White - Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography
Michael Levin Photography
Fine Art Nude Photography by Stan Trampe - An online art photography magazine
jen bekman
Open Directory - Arts Photography

High Dynamic Range Photography

HDR Photography - #FF00AA
Steve Lacey HDR Photography
HDR images in photography - About Dynamic Range, Tone Mapping and HDR Imaging for Photography
High dynamic range imaging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
memoirs on a rainy day » Modern HDR photography, a how-to or Saturday morning relaxation
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography in Photoshop CS2
The Future of Digital Imaging - High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR)
HDR photo software & plugin - Tone Mapping, Exposure Blending & HDR Imaging for photography
easyHDR - High Dynamic Range, exposure blending and tone mapping software. Download free and trial versions.
Exposure blending - Schwen
Blended Exposures
HDR -- High Dynamic Range Photography -- in a nutshell - The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog
memoirs on a rainy day » Understanding modern HDR Photography, a set of tools, links, examples and explanations
Serendipitous altruism » High dynamic range photography
Stuck In Customs » Blog Archive » HDR Tutorial - Focus on Clouds
How to Create High Dynamic Range Images - PopPhoto - September 2006
HDR - a photoset on Flickr

Photography – How-to-do Information

Photoshop for Photographers
Tripods and Ball Heads by Thom Hogan
Nikon Field Guide and Nikon Flash Guide support at
D200 Camera Raw Preset Recommendations
Cleaning sensors by Thom Hogan
Digital Camera Cleaning Methods
Photographic Lighting for the Digital Studio
Frequently asked questions on polarizers and UV filters
Rob Galbraith DPI Home, Resources for Creative Professionals
How to Use the Nikon D200
Macro shots
A History of Photography
The Sect of Homokaasu - The Rasterbator
Technical Perspectives on Digital Photography
Main Page -
Shuttertalk Getting intimate with digital photography
Digital SLR Photography
digital photography by chris kitze
iN-PUBLiC The home of street photography


Photojournalism in the Yahoo! Directory for photographers worldwide
Poynter Online - Photojournalism
James Nachtwey
foto8 - International Photojournalism Magazine
Digital Journalist
FiftyCrows - Social Change Photography

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Blueeyes Magazine
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The Online Photographer
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