Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Another Beautiful Day in San Francisco

Its 7:30 am and it looks like another beautiful day.

Hey, check out my buddy Dave's blog. He's off in Africa shooting a documentary film on volunteers helping refugees in Zambia.

And also stop in at PhatMike's blog. He's heading to Amsterdam for a month in July!

OK, now its 11:11 am and I just woke-up... again.

Here's a shot of my other buddy Dave in a highly inebriated late-night sitar pose.

I recently let him down inadvertently and just found out. Jeeez I feel so bad. Sorry Dave!

We all live in the world of our feelings, yet hardly anybody talks about it except lovers (sometimes), songwriters, poets and other artists. The world can be such a terrible, brutal, horrifying place. No, not all the time, but its out there... and people are worried.

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