Friday, July 16, 2004

Job Hunt Update

I've been very busy job-hunting this week. Aside from further resume tweaking, sending out scads of letters, scouring the job-sites and networking, I've also been preparing and updating my list of references.
I've been contacting all my former employers and many co-workers to let them know that I am searching, to affirm that I can expect an excellent reference and to alert them that they should expect reference inquiries as my job-search progresses. It feels good to get in touch with people I've not seen or spoken to for many years and it is certainly very gratifying to know that I can count on them.
I consider myself to be very lucky indeed to have had such an interesting life and a career that has allowed me to learn so much, work with so many fascinating people and travel the world. And it ain't over yet!
Still can't get a handle on the whereabouts or contact information for Norman Fong, who I worked with at FWB. Anybody out there know where Norman Fong is or how to get in touch with him?
The market does seem to be a bit more lively than it was 2 years ago before I set out on my travels in southest Asia, but there is still that lingering sense of conservatism and misplaced values. So many companies are looking to only hire people who attended "top-tier" schools or who have had extensive experience working for their direct competitors. Too bad for them! And so many job-listings written in inscrutable MBA-speak.

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