Saturday, July 10, 2004

Guitar Wolf Job Hunt

Saw an entertaining movie last night called Wild Zero, featuring the Japanese band Guitar Wolf.

On the job-hunting front I'm off to a good start this week:

- updated
- reworked cover letters
- posted resume at various online services
- networking like a champ
- sent resumes to apply for 6 jobs
- considered feedback from many friends
- felt depressed
- etc.

And then I felt sick yesterday and today. As yesterday progressed I felt worse and worse, kind of flu-ish. Today all I have done is sleep and eat. i wake up for meals and then just lay in bed snoozing. Its now 7:15pm and I just woke up again. Time to eat again soon and then hopefully stay awake long enough to watch Stanley Kubrick's
Barry Lyndon on DVD.

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