Saturday, July 10, 2004

Photo Mania

I'm not happy about how few photos I've shot this past week. Maybe I'm just not happy about the quality of what I shot or the fact that I still have a steep learning curve ahead of me with my new camera. Or maybe I just need to learn to be a better editor. All of the above.

Some people's stuff is so consistently great. I just love
Heather Champ's photo-blog.

daily dose of imagery is incredible too.

And of course
Satan's Laundromat just blows me away. They all do. I've linked to them before and apparently can't stop... when I visit these sites I want to share them.

Here's a nice one I shot last year of a blind man playing cymbals in a band of legless men in Cambodia near Angkor Wat. I'm not making this up, so don't make me post the photo of the entire band.

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