Friday, June 11, 2004

The Buddhism Business

Michael Matlach has some beautiful Buddhism images from Asia. I read about him in a Buddhist cultural magazine I picked up called Shambhala Sun. I'd never seen it around before, but I have seen a magazine called Tricycle, the Buddhist Review, which I've enjoyed in the past.

There are lots of people selling lots of Buddhist stuff. This guy wants you to be enlightened. Lots of others want to sell you equipment you might need in your quest for .

I suppose it seems reasonable that you might not reach Nirvana without the right tools, but somehow I sense that this is another sign of the commodification of spirituality. Sigh.

Well, what can you do? I haven't bought much of anything for the past few years. its easier to resist when you keep moving, but as soon as you settle down in one place for awhile there's a definite tendency for things to accumulate.

I meant to check out the San Francisco Zen Center, but I overslept. as my buddy Stanley sez... so zen, it ain't even funny!

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